State Basket Exchange

Because people attending the National DOG come from all parts of the country, a state gift basket exchange has become an event tradition.


How it works:

Fill a basket with items that are representative of your state, hometown or region and bring it with you to exchange for someone else’s state basket.  This is a simple and fun activity.



If you bring a basket, you will go home with a basket, ideally from another state.  If you bring more than one basket, you’ll return home with the same number of baskets you brought to the event. The basket should contain items from your state, hometown, or region. 


Your “Basket” doesn’t have to be a basket, items can be in any container that suits your basket, bag, bucket, crock pot, wooden box, or planter.  Use your imagination! Make sure any of the food items you include are shelf-stable (non-perishable and not likely to melt or deteriorate if warm). Keep your basket cool and out of the sun.


How much to spend is up to you, but a good basket can be put together for $25 to $35.  If desired, include your name and email address or self-addresses stamped envelope in your basket so you may receive a “Thank You” from the person who gets your basket.  Baskets will be on display for everyone to see, so make your basket attractive and fun to look at.


On Saturday Morning, you will drop off your basket at the designated site between 9am and 11am (the earlier the better) and fill out the paperwork and identification tags.  We’ll use the tags to facilitate the exchanges, making every effort to ensure that you don’t get a basket from your own area of the country if possible.


We’ll keep the baskets in a shady place on display until time for the exchange.  We will have the basket exchange ready for pickup between 2 and 4pm on Saturday afternoon.  This could be an opportunity to meet the recipient of your basket and the donor of the one that you received.